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Customer Service

Customer service is essential to the proper operation of any company. In this process, the customer must always be at the centre of our commitment and action and feel as though they are being served effectively, properly and in a friendly manner.

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Meet your customer´s expectations

We handle all processes that directly interact with customers or consumers. We manage information, technical service, applications, claims, and other departments.

Service features

We process any query from your customers at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When the insured customer uses our Contact Center channel to get answers to questions or some type of clarification, they’ll always find that the IRIS GLOBAL team helps them with whatever they need as if they were being serviced by your company.

We’re specialists in incident management for insurance and finance companies, giving the necessary support so that each customer can find the specific solution to the problem raised. We serve customers by following the instructions given by the company with which we collaborate and always think about the importance of maintaining their reputation and brand.

IRIS GLOBAL is the best guarantee for quality services in day-to-day incidents.

Claims are the result of a customer’s dissatisfaction with the service or product offered by the insurance company which has not met their quality expectations.   Managing claims effectively is the cornerstone of good after-sales service.  That’s why our team make it their responsibility to know your brand and the covers offered with your product to be able to manage the customer’s dissatisfaction in the best way possible.

Our operators help customers based on active listening in order to understand their problem as adequately as possible and be able to resolve the incident satisfactorily, always thinking about the interests of the company.

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