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We advise your company on its marketing campaigns to get the most out of any investment.

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The use of the telephone as a tool in commercial action.

We launch of campaigns to capture potential customers interested in your product or service. We’re also specialists in loyalty strategies, offering customers privileged information on offers and promotions in advance.

Multidimensional diagnostic process

Comprehensive geriatric assessment is a process by which medical, functional, mental and social problems and capacity is diagnosed in the elderly to design a treatment and monitoring plan that is capable of enhancing the quality of life of the person assessed by halting or minimizing the consequences of any problems detected through the assessment.
To design this assessment and monitoring plan, we have multidisciplinary teams that use assessment scales and surveys as part of the diagnostic and treatment process, thus providing the best possible care quality to each senior.
In short, we detect the risks of deterioration in the elderly to provide them with the care and monitoring they need to improve their quality of life.

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