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Acceso cuadro baremado

Access to Network Providers

We have a health, dental and wellness network provider service that provides your customers with the best private medicine.

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Reduction of up to 30% on sanitary fees.

Paying only for services rendered and with a reduction of up to 30% on healthcare rates, we make more than 20,000 professionals, healthcare centres and clinics of renowned prestige throughout Spain available to your customers.

Advantages of the service

Acceso cuadro baremado
  • Your policyholders will have the possibility to enjoy private healthcare with a significant discount at a lower cost than what it would mean to go on their own.
  • Your customers will pay only for the actual use of the services and not for the possibility of having unlimited use of them, the monthly premium is reduced to a minimum.
  • Possibility of going to prestigious health centers.

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