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Comprehensive Claims Management

At Iris Global, we’re experts on claims management and can offer insurance and finance companies a personalized service that adapts to the specific needs of each company.

We work together with each of our customers to optimize the necessary resources all while maintaining constant and direct communication with our collaborators, partners and teams in order to be the perfect companion for insurance companies when it comes to fully managing claims.

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Our goal, your benefit

Our main goal is to maximize profits for the insurance and finance companies we work with. Thus, each claim is assessed exhaustively by relying on teams and a network of our own repair workers who can handle all the tasks and resources necessary to resolve each claim effectively, efficiently and with the greatest of quality guarantees.

Service features

We offer your company the most complete comprehensive general claims management.

At IRIS GLOBAL, we have a team that specializes in resolving serious insured events involving professionals from various trades who coordinate resources to solve the problems affecting the insured as a result of such an incident. A serious incident can lead to claims by customers. This is why it’s essential to have an ally who offers all the guarantees and has the specific knowledge to resolve them. The credibility and reputation of an insurance or finance company are on the line in these situations. For this reason,   

 We’re aware of the market needs as well as the competition within the insurance and finance sector. That’s why we offer home repair services. Our goal is for your customers to have the best professionals in home technical assistance when it comes to repairing any breakdown or damage at their home.

We offer global solutions: from initial contact, processing, network management, incident management and closing.

We’re experts in the home services sector and know customers’ needs when requesting DIY work. We cover all tasks that must be done in a home, home owners association, shop, business premises or company.

We can advise your company and solve any concern deriving from the insured parties’ home maintenance services. At IRIS GLOBAL, we handle everything to meet each customer’s expectations.

With our handyman service, the service quality offered to the customer is no longer a problem. We ensure very high quality standards in each of our DIY jobs so the only concern is boosting your business’s growth.

  • Technology handyman

We offer comprehensive IT assistance service 365 days a year. Specialists in isolated repairs of computer equipment, software installations, antivirus, etc.

Your customers will also have online IT assistance to resolve their questions or problems with their computer, tablet or mobile. We also take care of mobile phone screen damage.

In a world that’s more and more digital all the time, being able to rely on a specialist company equipped with the latest technology is essential. IRIS GLOBAL can be the ideal solution for any business.

  • Owners’ Association Handyman

Managing a homeowners association is a complex task and administrative firms that do this type of work are well aware of this fact. That’s why they need to rely on a collaborator that is capable of resolving all the problems that may arise.

At Iris Global, we offer comprehensive solutions for homeowners’ associations. We have the necessary experience to be able to manage any type of service effectively.  Does your company need a homeowners’ association handyman? Contact us and we’ll inform you personally.

  • Business premises handyman

If an insurance or finance company has businesses within their insured portfolio, IRIS GLOBAL can solve all the problems deriving from breakdowns or renovations in their premises.

Our business premises handymen are specialists in all types of commercial repairs from adding light points to renovating and hanging up new signage and even doing complete renovations.

Customers’ business premises will always be in perfect conditions for their commercial activity.


We have a complete computer repair service for the insured 365 days a year.

Customers of each insurance or finance company will have online IT assistance to resolve their questions or problems with their computer, tablet or mobile. We also take care of mobile phone screen damage.

  • Domain registration, email accounts

If you’d like to register an Internet domain, just tell us what domain you want and we’ll handle it with one of the leading companies on the market.

We’ll also give you the chance to create email accounts associated with that domain, giving you support to set them up on any device and help you with any incident.

  • Emergency care

Besides calmly resolving specific problems the insured has, we can also report on site to provide emergency services.

Have some pipes broken in the customer’s building and they rapidly need a repair?  For these types of situations when the insured’s trust is in play, having a professional collaborator who can take the call immediately is essential to manage the emergency with the same efficacy as would be done at the insurance or finance company itself.

At IRIS GLOBAL, we recommend having a team of experts you can fully trust to resolve a repair or emergency effectively and safely.

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