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Services for Minors (Second Psychological Diagnosis and Care)

Psychological help is sometimes needed to understand what may be happening with a child. The way a child communicates and makes themself understood is not the same as an adult and children often don’t know how to express what they’re feeling or how to manage their emotions.

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Help resolve your customers' concerns.

If any of your clients have already seen a psychologist to raise concerns about their child, they may need to confirm the diagnosis. With this service you can offer a second opinion, in order to make a better decision.

Service features

We study each case and select the ideal providers to care for the youngest. We have a network of specialist professionals all around Spain with exclusive discounts. We put the customer in contact with the provider who prepares a discounted quote.

Private teachers, nursing personnel and a large variety of professionals for the different services requested.

For psychology reports by schools where a child is enrolled showing difficulties keeping up with the course labelled as school failure, a second diagnosis is offered to customers. An expert psychologist will see the child and, if necessary, suggest corrective actions as seen fit.

The service consists of three one-hour face-to-face sessions scheduled by a clinical psychologist to assess the case.

The psychologist will then issue a report assessing the first opinion and including tips and psychological guidance aimed at correct any abnormal aspects detected during the sessions.

  • Learning support programme:

Personalized plans. Specialist healthcare personnel contacts the child’s family and assesses each case. Documentation prepared by Iris Global is sent and specialist websites are recommended. We advise and answer all the family’s questions. It’s a service that has been rated highly satisfactory by children and their families. The situations subject to this programme are:

  1. Diabetes.

  2. Allergies to medications, food and/or insect bites.

  3. Nocturnal enuresis.

  4. Hyperactivity.

  5. Eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia.

  6. Asthma.

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