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Iris Global Corporate Responsible business
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One of the Iris Global aims is to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and streamline our processes, methods and products through innovation.
We engage in responsible business by being environmentally friendly and adopting the necessary measures to decrease and prevent soil and water pollution as well as our emissions as much as possible when making decisions about how to plan and execute our activities.
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We implement environmental actions.

We are continuously improving our management of natural resources and the waste generated in addition to preventing pollution by applying and fostering environmental policies that help us reduce our impact on the environment and climate change.


Paper Recycling

One of the most common raw materials we use is paper as a fundamental part of our work. Although protocols have been established to use digital means whenever possible as the preferred medium, we wanted to go even further by adding paper recycling to our commitment to the environment.

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A responsible business must be committed to reducing pollution and all the data available seems to show that paper recycling provides a number of environmental benefits.
The most recent studies indicate that paper recycling leads to a 70% energy savings when compared to the cost of manufacturing non-recycled paper.
Likewise, using recycled paper reduces the amount of raw material used. This means 12-15 less trees are cut down to produce paper for every tonne of recycled paper we put in circulation.
Plus, paper recycling leads to water savings of nearly 80%, an emissions reduction of more than 70% and less waste at tips and ecoparks.
With these types of measures, we have been able to reduce our CO2 tonnes by 4.53% (2019 vs. 2020) which has saved 62.5 adult trees from being cut down.
These kinds of actions through which we can take full advantage of the useful life of materials only leads to benefits by saving on the raw materials and energy used to produce them.  It also leads to important benefits for the environment in avoiding an excessive use of materials and preventing contaminating waste.

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