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Segunda opinión médica

Second Medical Opinion Service

We have the best healthcare professionals and agreements with specialized clinics so your customers can get a second opinion on a health problem or medical diagnosis.

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Help your policyholders when they have to make a medical decision

Our experience guarantees the best second medical opinion service for any company’s insured.

Service features

Our medical team guides the beneficiary to select the most adequate specialist. It’s limited to one consultation per year and we take care of arranging an appointment and assessing the care received with the customer.

Care to receive treatment at international medical centres:

  1. If the patient decides to go abroad for treatment, the following support services are offered:
  2. Selection of the most adequate specialists and hospitals
  3. Advising on the best way to transfer the patient.
  4. Help arranging appointments and with the hospital admission process.
  5. Requests for quotes, estimated hospitalization costs and any discounts

All expenses incurred for the use of these care services shall be paid by the beneficiary (who may have a policy covering these types of situations).

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