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Maintenance and Adaptation of Properties

We have the best service and a team of professionals specialized in all tasks for the maintenance and conservation of homes and real estate of insurance companies.
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Maintenance of offices, apartments, premises and all types of real estate

We help companies and clients who own real estate portfolios that need an agile solution for the maintenance and adaptation of their assets, always complying with current regulations on this matter and respecting the environment to the maximum and thinking about sustainability.
Corrective maintenance: breakdowns and unforeseen damage that occur during the useful life of the property. Preventive maintenance: building maintenance plans to guarantee optimal operation.
servicio de mantenimiento real estate


We are specialists in services for the conservation and maintenance of the assets of financial institutions.
We take care of the maintenance of all your properties, whether they are premises, homes, garages, offices, storage rooms or any type of property.

Maintenance and Adaptation Services

Maintenance of homes and buildings to provide the rental service to clients on a rotating and continuous basis. We reduce costs and waiting times to optimize the profit of the rental property. We manage everything that has to do with the rotation of the rental of real estate. At present, there is a high rotation of real estate, an increase in offers and a substantial change in the demand for these. Newly built homes are coming onto the market, tourist rental homes that are being converted into long-term rentals and many properties for sale that, unable to find a buyer, are being rented, at the same time that the volume of empty properties is increasing
Spain is the country with the largest number of second homes in Europe. Therefore, it is very likely that your insurance company or financial company needs to guarantee the customer a second home setup service at least once a year. The most frequent problems are usually related to electricity, plumbing and humidity, especially those that are located by the sea. It is also possible that we find bad odors or accumulated dirt during the winter.
Another option offered by IRIS GLOBAL is the ongoing maintenance of the second home to help keep vacation homes in perfect condition during the winter. We carry out the recommended maintenance tasks in empty houses to avoid common deterioration due to lack of use: opening and closing taps, activating the air conditioning to avoid gas leaks, ventilation to avoid humidity, etc.
We have a cleaning team specialized in claims and services in general that, quickly and efficiently, will avoid unnecessary inconvenience to the insured, restoring peace of mind with the maximum guarantees of quality. Our cleaning service aimed at companies has cleaning products and specific resources for this type of work, understanding that it has very specific characteristics that must be respected, cared for and taken into account.
At IRIS GLOBAL we offer insurance or financial companies a pest control service for real estate or buildings. This product includes rat extermination, disinsection and disinfection service in the event of the appearance of a pest on the property. We are experts in effectively eliminating infestations of cockroaches, mice and rats in a community. We have all the necessary products and technology to guarantee rapid pest control,
We have the best service and a team of professionals specialized in all the tasks of setting up a property. The professional adaptation service includes all the tasks that are needed to deliver the property to the client in an impeccable and functional manner. At IRIS GLOBAL we are aware that a good adaptation job entails various tasks, which is why we have a wide network of maintenance professionals with specialized profiles in different disciplines. From cleaning and disinfection, to reforms or repairs, through painting and glasswork. Your company can count on us if what you need is speed and effectiveness when setting up a property and leaving it in perfect delivery conditions. We also carry out preventive and corrective maintenance tasks avoiding any subsequent problem. We are proud to say that we are experts in preventing all kinds of incidents so that there are no last-minute failures.
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