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Professional Instalations

Specialists in repairs and installations of all kinds of devices and household appliances.

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Checks, repairs and maintenance of electrical devices and household appliances.

Networks of professionals throughout Spain offer our service doing checks, maintenance and repairs on these devices.

Service features

We have specially designed solutions for the maintenance and repair of certain devices such as boilers. We adapt to the different types as well as the great variety of manufacturers. We have the necessary equipment to perform these services with the necessary training and experience to guarantee the repair of electric, gas, pellet and other boilers as well as perform maintenance on them.

We have the most qualified professionals for air conditioning repairs and maintenance.

This service is in rather high demand among customers; therefore, we make all the human and technical resources available to you especially during summer when solving breakdowns quickly and effectively.

We repair and install household appliances known as white range as well as more specific household appliances. Washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, dryers, vitroceramic cooktops, refrigerators, etc. can be quickly and easily repaired and installed.

Any insurance or finance company can trust in our repair and installation services with the highest safety, cleanliness and professionalism guarantees offered with all our repairs.

  • Brown and grey goods repair services

Brown goods refer to image and sound-related electronic devices: Televisions, Monitors, Radios, etc.

We have the latest technology in grey goods repair so that we can repair and install these types of products.

Grey goods refer to household appliances related to IT and telecommunications; in other words, ITC. For example: Laptops and desktops, tablets, printers, etc.

  • Household installations services

At IRIS GLOBAL, we have the best network of collaborators in Spain to perform household installations. The installation of flooring, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical and electronic equipment, etc.

Your insured customers’ needs will be met with the best installation services.

The guarantee of collaborating with the most professional installation specialists in the market.

  • IT Assistance service

We have a complete computer repair service 365 days a year.

Your customers will have online IT assistance to resolve their questions or problems with their computer, tablet or mobile. We also take care of mobile phone screen damage.

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