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Iris Global Individuals

Personalized solutions that make life easier.

We want to be by your side at the important times in your and your family’s life.
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Differential benefits

servicio personalizado de Iris Global
High quality standards
We work for the trust our customers have placed in us
servicio personalizado de Iris Global
Personalized solutions

Personalized offers for each customer’s needs and budget.

servicio personalizado de Iris Global
Innovation & Technology
Digital development and innovation to enhance the customer experience throughout the process.

Featured Insurance and Services

Individual Travel Assistance Insurance

All the protection you need for yourself and your family when traveling.
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Travel assistance insurance for recreation in Spain

Only worry about your holiday.

Legal Defence Insurance for Individuals and Families

We put at your disposal a legal protection product with the maximum guarantees
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Legal Defence Insurance for Landlords

Our rental attorneys claim and defend your rights as a property owner.

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Computer Assistance Service

A comprehensive service that adapts to your needs to respond to your problems without leaving home. Through the remote control, you will have a technician available.
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Get to know our services for the home

Professional network for home maintenance or repairs.
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Health and Wellness Services

Take care of yourself at the hands of professionals and Health specialists ..
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Integral Management of Deaths

From IRIS GLOBAL we set up a comprehensive death management service.
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Iris Global Travel APP

Hire your travel insurance online and plan your vacations with our APP.
You will be able to have information about your destination and have a virtual first-aid kit to be ready at all times. 
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The Trendy Home Staging Real Estate Marketing Technique
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Keys to achieving an eco-friendly home

We tell you the keys and advantages of having an ecological house
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How to preserve food in summer

Tips for preserving food in summer
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