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Iris Global Individuals Funeral Assistance
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Funeral Assistance Services

At IRIS GLOBAL, we provide comprehensive funeral assistance services.
When a person dies, not knowing where to begin or what to do is quite common. Besides the pain of losing a loved one, there’s an entire administrative process which is unknown to most. Iris Global helps you comprehensively manage all procedures related to a person’s death.
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The Funeral Assistance Service is designed to help families at those difficult times.

Administrative procedures, goodbyes, deciding whether incineration or burial is best... There’s a whole series of choices that must be analyzed and considered based on the deceased’s wishes as well as the budget available at the time, which is often not expected. The Funeral Assistance Service is designed to help families at those difficult times.

This service is not limited to issues related strictly funeral related items like burial and flowers; it also includes other services such as psychological care, legal assistance and digital wills. We also have agents who can help families and facilitate all the documentation process as much as possible all while answering all your questions.

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Assistance Agent

Help from an Assistance Agent is essential when a loved one dies. We choose professionals who offer the utmost empathy and care to help you and your family.
Our commitment: to accompany you throughout this difficult process and ease the bureaucracy as much as possible, answering your questions and meeting any need that may arise.
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Specialized psychological care

The death of a loved one makes a harsh psychological impact. To mitigate your and your loved ones’ pain, our team of specialist professionals provide psychological care as quickly as possible for your family, loved ones and friends.
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Document Management

We request and manage all the information to process death certificates with the civil registry, a general registry certificate for wills, the deregistration of the insured, insurance contract registry certificates with cover for death, municipal co-habitation certificates and other documents.
We just need you to provide the customer’s information to process it all.
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Digital obituary

The missing person deserves to be remembered and dismissed with the appropriate ritual. All your family, friends and loved ones deserve to have spaces to remember the deceased. For this, we can manage the processing of notices in the press, reminders, condolence cards, signature book, and other ways or services so that the deceased person is remembered and fired in the best possible way.
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Telephone legal assistance

We offer a telephone legal advisory service led by a team of attorneys who will clear up any situation related to the deceased’s documentation. We process all the documentation necessary for the family whether general documentation, certificates and deregistration from the Social Security system, the Official Family Record Book as well as pensions for the widow/widower, dependent children and others.
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Digital Erasure

The fingerprint service consists of the erasure and elimination of the digital history of the deceased person. We focus on removing personal data, such as the address, telephone number, birthday, and any traces related to social media.
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Burial or cremation

Our priority is to always offer the best funeral services and advice so that you can make the right decision at this difficult time. Whether the person is buried or cremated depends solely on the decision of the family members of the deceased.
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When saying goodbye, deciding upon afloral arrangement is an emotional burden for family and friends. We make sure they’re there.
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