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Segunda opinión médica

Second Medical Opinion Service

The purpose of a second medical opinion is to contrast a first diagnosis offered by another healthcare professional.

Your customers can check with healthcare professionals to make medical decisions related to their health through the preparation of a report by a specialist in the field involved.

This report will reflect both the initial diagnosis as well as the patient’s proposed therapy in order to contrast this information with the diagnosis.

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Simple and fast process for your clients

Asking for a second medical opinion will not involve any unnecessary waiting as the diagnostic tests are already done and it will all be much easier for your customers.

Service features

If there is a diagnosis of a severe disease, this service offers an assessment report of the case by consultants of the greatest national and international prestige without any need for travel.

The consultant will evaluate the reports and tests available and answer the questions raised by the beneficiary. Our medical and nursing team will accompany the customer throughout the process, helping them form the most appropriate questions for their situation and get the answers to their questions.

Any additional testing necessary must be paid by the beneficiary.

 This service is subject to the same conditions and characteristics as Documented Second Medical Opinions; however, the patient goes to a face-to-face consultation with the selected expert during which the case is assessed and the patient’s questions are answered. Any additional testing necessary must be paid by the beneficiary.

No travel costs are covered.

 This service enables access to a second face-to-face diagnosis with the adequate specialist if the beneficiary has a disease lasting more than three months since the initial diagnosis, the control and treatment of which are handled at the time of the request for specialist care when special treatments or tests are required during follow-up.

Our medical team guides the beneficiary to select the most adequate specialist. It’s limited to one consultation per year and we take care of arranging an appointment and assessing the care received with the customer.

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