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Underwriting Campaigns

We advise your company on how to create and monitor campaigns to achieve the greatest return on investment. We’re specialists in the launch of campaigns to capture potential customers interested in the product or service offered by your company.
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We seek excellence in the experience of your customers.

At IRIS GLOBAL, we also implement loyalty strategies, informing your customers of offers and promotions in advance with proper email marketing methods.

Service features

We measure your customers’ and insured customers’ satisfaction efficiently thanks to our experience and our technology. You can get strategic information to make quick decisions that help your business grow.

Opportunity generation, lead generation, insurance and finance company product positioning and incentives for the sale of your products and services thanks to our experience and dialing systems.

There’s nothing more important in a business strategy than a well-defined target; the opportunities multiply with one. We’re experts in purging databases and achieving the largest number of qualified contacts for your commercial actions, orient your efforts to achieve the greatest conversion from your campaigns.

It’s a Retention and Loyalty service. The main objective is to achieve excellence in the customer experience, identifying the reason for a request to unsubscribe and offering the best options for their satisfaction and thus make them loyal and get them to remain with the company.

Customer debts are common problems for companies which often prevent them from securing liquidity and endanger them. With our collections management service, you’ll get peace of mind and be able to focus on improving your services and products while we make sure all customers pay.

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