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Iris Global Corporate Awards and recognition


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Platinum Contact Center Awards
In 2020, our CONTACT CENTER, along with 2 Mares, the Spanish Technology Solution for Workforce Engagement Management, received the award for the Best Employee Experience Strategy at the eleventh edition of the Platinum Contact Center Awards -the reference awards in the sector organized by the magazine Contact Center Hub.
The award-winning project seeks to put employees and talent management at the heart of any business strategy as the source of innovation and a competitive edge in order to guide Contact Center activities towards service enhancement. This technological solution is integrated in a unified repository with data in many different corporate systems to automate resource planning, add intelligence, guarantee legal compliance as well as understand and enhance the customer and employee experience.
Voice Biometrics
The Voice Biometrics service was recognized through the Platinum Contact Center Awards granted by the magazine Contact Center.
This voice recognition system replaces all those tedious identification questionnaires (full name, policy number or ID number) with voiceprints. It thus improves the user experience by reducing waiting times all while reinforcing customer data security.
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ECOFIN Forum “2020 Titans of Finance”.
The purpose of these awards is to recognize organizations that have demonstrated excellence in their business models. The “Titans of Finance” awards are granted on the decision of a special panel of judges with votes from 7,500 managers, financiers and business owners.
The award recognizes all the work done over the months of confinement with our network of partners which is key to offering customers the best services.
In order to support these partners as much as possible, we implemented various actions related to information and communication on legal changes, financial reinforcement with advances and legal management support as necessary.  
The repair network is made up of more than 1,800 companies.  With this collaboration and support during this period, many of these companies were able to stay in business following the lockdown.


The companies that receive this Certificate have submitted their COVID Compliance Measures.  In other words, this certificate confirms a commitment by shops, companies, industries, the self-employed and third-sector entities to the prevention measures required by the authorities against COVID-19. The main purpose of this certificate is to look after our customers’ and our employees’ health.  
The identification achieved corroborates the prevention measures and best practices implemented which may be found at the website www.garantia.madrid as well as via an associated QR code. 
The QR code recognizes each certificate holder and allows any person, consumer or employee to check the data sheet for a given shop, company or industry using a mobile phone. 
This certificate implies implementation of the actions necessary to maintain the greatest of guarantees for our employees and customers against COVID-19.
In all, more than 60 measures have been approved: organizational and prevention actions adopted to guarantee safety at the workplace; training activities; waste management and hygiene measures for customers and employees, all of which are aligned with the business contingency and sustainability plan.
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