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Homecare and Remote Care Assistance Services

With the home assistance service, your clients will have the peace of mind of having a professional health worker at their own home whenever they need it.

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Assistance plan

Once the service is activated, the Medical Department at our company works with the customer and, based on their needs, establishes a care plan and schedules visits by the corresponding professionals.

They may also have their consultations or file requests online. A healthcare professional will contact them to give them the answers they need as quickly as possible and resolve the issue raised.

Ventajas del servicio

Asistencia domiciliaria y teleasistencia
  • Planes de Asistencia Domiciliaria personalizada, por enfermedad, accidente o ambos.
  • Diseñada a medida, según necesidades del Colectivo (Personas mayores, familias, …).
  • Localización y envío de Médico y Enfermera a domicilio.
  • Fisioterapeuta a domicilio.
  • Asistencia geriátrica.
  • Servicios personalizados para el cuidado del hogar y del cliente (limpieza, cocina, compra, aseo personal, encamado, clases particulares).
  • Podología, peluquería y otros servicios.
  • Servicio de atención médica telefónica.
  • Envío de medicamentos.
  • Cerrajería de emergencia.
  • Información familiar.
  • Agenda personal.

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