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Online Early Last Will and Testament Services

Service for advising and management of last wills and testaments so the person can process it online securely with our team of attorneys

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Vital wills anticipated online Vital wills anticipated online

With our online service, we help the insured leave written record of their will in relation to the medical treatments they wish to undergo or not in the event of a disease preventing them from expressing their desires or what is to be done with their body or organs once deceased.

Advantages of the service

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  • Professionals who handle Last Wills and Testaments, also known as living wills. With this written document, your customer will have peace of mind knowing their instructions will be honoured as to the medical care they wish to receive in situations where they cannot personally communicate their will or what is to be done with their body or organs after death.
  • With a living will, you’ll help your customer make the right decisions for their desires, personal values and preferences regarding care and treatments.
  • In this document, your insured will put the following content in writing: personal values in order to help interpret the document and guide doctors when making clinical decisions; instructions on care and treatments the customer wishes to receive; the identity of the representative(s) who may speak with the head doctor or healthcare team to help interpret the instructions included in the will; and decisions with regard to the donation of their organs and body.

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