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Iris Global Individuals Travel Insurances Travel assistance insurance for recreation in Spain
seguro de viaje ocio españa


Assistance Insurance for travel in Spain, including coverage for medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses and Covid-19 cancellation coverage. We also take care of the expenses derived from having to extend your stay in the hotel due to a Health Alert.
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The importance of having travel assistance insurance in Spain

Having travel insurance is extremely important, as none of us is exempt from suffering health problems while traveling.
A fall while hiking or an unexpected illness are the two main reasons why it pays to be cautious and hire this type of service before embarking on an adventure.
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced travel insurance companies to change the types of coverage, so that people can travel with more peace of mind (since everything has become very changeable).
Nosotros entendemos que, en estos tiempos, es imprescindible cubrir todos los imponderables que trajo el coronavirus para que la gente recupere la confianza al momento de subirse a un avión. Por otra parte, en Iris Global ofrecemos un servicio que incluye también asistencia en caso de cancelación de vuelos, pérdida o robo del equipaje y/o regreso anticipado por fallecimiento u hospitalización de un familiar cercano.


Our Leisure Spain Travel Insurance for travel covers any health inconvenience you may suffer during your trip, including those related to the coronavirus pandemic. That is why, for example, the service has been updated and includes extension of stay due to medical quarantine or declaration of a state of alarm in the destination where you are.
Of course, we also cover pharmaceuticals, hospitalization, dental care, and medical transportation, among other benefits that we have been providing since long before the pandemic.
An insurance company should not only take care of the health of its clients, but also of any problems that the person may have with their flights and luggage, and we have always been very clear about this!
We insure you the payment that would result from the loss or theft of your luggage, according to the specifications detailed in the insurance coverage.
In addition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have updated our services, also offering early return due to the declaration of a state of alarm or border closure. 
A doctor will answer your questions and can make a detailed medical report that may include treatment and/or prescription in a virtual way. Our service is so complete that it includes cancellation expenses, even for some reasons related to the Covid-19, so if you have any last minute unforeseen event, you will receive the necessary protection to not spoil your vacation. And, as at Iris Global we think of you and your family, this travel insurance in Spain has discounts for family units, also covering your elders and young children.
For its history, cultural diversity, amazing landscapes and exquisite cuisine, Spain is a wonderful country to travel, both for foreigners and locals. That is why at Iris Global we offer the best travel insurance for your peace of mind throughout the national territory, providing excellent private medical assistance.
So that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about an outbreak of the virus and subsequent health alert, we extend the validity of the contracted insurance policy, according to the general specifications detailed in the general conditions of the policy.

Insurance covers

  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical care and travel assistance cover
  • Cover for incidents during travel and flights
  • Travel assistance services
  • Private civil liability cover
  • Cancellation expenses

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Documents Travel Assitance Insurance for Recreation in Spain

Download all the necessary documentation to contract your insurance.
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General Conditions of Insurance Travel Assistance Recreation Spain

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Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

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Informative note on Travel Assistance Insurance for Recreation Spain

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