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We enhance your customers’ and employees’ wellbeing.
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Innovative solutions for companies

Offer your customers and employees a whole range of services that will make their lives easier


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Home repairs

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The best handyman for your customers. DIY, plumbing, electricity and home repairs.
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Technology handyman

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offer your customers all the support and advice needed to resolve their problems with their digital devices. A service that’s custom designed to meet each user’s needs.  Onsite installation and configuration of technological devices, solutions for connection problems, installation help, data transfers, Internet of Things...
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Cleaning service

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Household cleaning solutions, isolated cleaning, end-of-construction cleaning and maintenance cleaning. We offer all types of household cleaning services: From complete kitchen cleaning to bathroom cleaning, weekly maintenance, occasional cleaning, specialised window cleaning and all other cleaning services your customers may need.

Mobility and Daily Living Assistance

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We can get you the medication you need and take it to your home. For prescription medication, we go to your home and pick up the prescription and then go get it at the pharmacy and bring it to your home so you don’t have to go anywhere.
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Help with household tasks and mobilising people with dependency issues.
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Automobile services (technical inspections, registration renewals)

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We can pick up your customer’s vehicle wherever they want and will return it to the same place once the inspection has been completed.
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Homecare assistance (nurses...)

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Offer your customers homecare services for people in situations of dependency. We have a team of specialist professionals to give the dependent person all the care they need and their family members peace of mind.
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24 hour assistant

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A telephone personal assistant for all types of errands, banking, gift purchases, hotel bookings. Everything that requires the time and dedication your customers don’t always have.
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Pet Service

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offer your customers pet care and walking services.

Health and Beauty

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Telephone Psychology Care

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Very easy, quick and convenient.  Your customers can contact a psychologist by phone.  Our professionals look after every little detail to provide quality care.
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Telephone Medical Care

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Your customers can ask a healthcare professional any medical-related question by phone without leaving home so they can get a quick response to get peace of mind when needed.

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