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Iris Global Corporate About us
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We’re a brand that specializes in Integrated Solutions for companies, brokers and end users. With Insurance as well as Services. Experts in offering comprehensive solutions to meet our customers’ needs at important times in their lives, we guarantee the highest quality standards and always aim for customer satisfaction.
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A reference company integrated solutions

Aware of the importance of a professional service, we focus all our efforts and knowledge on creating a new brand combining all the resources and capabilities necessary to become a leader in integrated solutions.

We help customers from a complete perspective.  Therefore, we work mainly to enhance our services and insurance to cover all phases and needs throughout the lifecycle of each product, customizing each procedure for each individual.

Our value proposition for our clients

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  • Experience in the assistance sector.
  • digital transformation
  • customer knowledge
  • global solutions
  • Excellence in service
  • Innovation

We accompany customers throughout the important times in their lives.

As part of our effort to accompany and look after each customer - whether a company, a broker or a user- we’ve developed a business model that allows us to work directly with each of our partners through two-way communication at all times irrespective of the target public involved.
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