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Iris Global Corporate Blog Death services and the impact of technology

Death services and the impact of technology

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Within the study carried out by ICEA, Burial Insurance: future situation and trends - Evolution 2020, aspects related to this technological evolution and its impact on the Burial service are highlighted.
According to this study, the funeral service is not alien to this technological reality. Therefore, there are more and more innovations that seek to be made within the sector and the digital tools that are applied within it.
Digital services in Death Management

One of the services that has clearly been created by this technological impact is the fingerprint erasure service. This service stands out for the privacy and confidentiality that it provides to the loved ones of the deceased and, at those times, they may need. Thanks to these services, it is possible to delete a person's digital history so that it disappears from the network.

For its part, we also already have the digital will service, which is of great interest because it allows the client to certify the way in which they will distribute their inheritance in a more comfortable way, being able to draft and process their document of last wills through the internet or even through a phone call. The elaboration procedure is simple and you win in time and comfort.

Another example is the digital reminder, a service that the family can request if they want to keep the memory permanently on a device.
From Iris Global we already have services that are part of this digital transformation, such as, for example, the deletion of the fingerprint or the online will, two of the most requested.

Assistance service at death According to the study, the services aimed at families within the deceased are fundamentally in a welfare form. This fact is relevant, since clients not only need to prevent the loss or have professional attention before it happens, but after suffering it.

That is to say, once overwhelmed by the death, not only the aspects related to the burial have to matter, but also those that have as their central point, precisely, those affected by the loss of a loved one.

Las gestiones asistenciales son el elemento central en compañías como la nuestra ya que se preocupan de la salud de estos familiares durante el proceso de duelo. Esto se consigue gracias a distintos métodos, entre los que cabe destacar la atención psicológica ante el fallecimiento, el asesoramiento a los familiares y los agentes asistenciales que visitan a la familia y verifican que se cumplan sus necesidades y deseos.
In addition, more and more measures are being incorporated to help cope with the loss, such as telecare available 24 hours a day or help in returning to daily life after the death of the family member.

Other services


Currently there are many factors that can influence the needs of a family. For this reason, the services in the management of the death have been extended to more and more areas that allow covering the wishes of the different clients in the best possible way.
They are even working on innovations such as the realization of ecological funerals or cremations that entail a lower environmental impact. In this way, families who wish to do so could contribute to the conservation of the environment.
At Iris Global we seek to adapt to all these emerging innovations, in order to always offer the service that is needed, without sacrificing any of its quality. Thanks to this, we can count on complementary services such as telephone legal assistance, one of the guarantees that our clients are most often grateful for.