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Iris Global Corporate Blog Death service management

Death service management

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Customer connection
One of the most essential figures that are part of the provision of the funeral service is the assistance agent, all companies consider this agent very important or essential.
At Iris Global she is no exception, for us this figure is essential as she accompanies the family throughout the grieving process.This is a guide or help during the procedures and the funeral rite, it is psychological support.
Therefore, the funeral service is not only a way to expedite everything that entails the death of a loved one,It is also the accompaniment for families, it is a professional and friendly connection.
Contact with the service
There are different methods of contact for customers who need the service or information.
This is essential, because the management of the death is usually sudden news,it is necessary to locate the company quickly and directly.In this way, all procedures are streamlined, and all doubts that the family may have are resolved as soon as possible.
Normally, this contact is usually established by telephone attention, although customers also prefer an automated answering system and speaking with an operator,or e,ail.In addition, many companies still have face-to-face assistance in agencies and offices.
However, the most “innovative” contact system in companies in charge of funeral services are mobile apps.As a method to improve the client's experience, 1 in 5 entities have an application that allows managing aspects of the burial.
Other reasons that are interesting to implement a mobile App can be to streamline customer procedures, improve process efficiency and increase retention, speeding up the procedures with the network of collaborators.
Agile and quality service
The key points of funeral service are speed and quality. In the management of the service, complete processing is the first characteristic mentioned in the study. This is because it covers the entire process in the shortest time possible.
While the next point to highlight is the time invested in answering the calls, so not only speed prevails, but where most of the time spending has to reside. In fact, other factors that stand out from this service are the time that passes until the first visit, since it is short, and the attention and treatment received.
In conclusion, in the provision of the funeral service, it is necessary to invest time in the family of the deceased, and not in the part of the documentation, which has to be expedited as much as possible.
Post-service quality control
One factor that is determining within this type of service is quality control. This term must be a quality within the death management, it is easy to ensure a level of quality, the difficult thing is to maintain it.
For this reason, most companies have quality protocols in place that they review once the service is finished.
The best of all of them is the use of the opinion of the customers themselves. Therefore, thanks to the answers given through a telephone survey, the entity will be able to indicate not only the level of satisfaction, but also whether the client would recommend it.
From Iris Global we have all the experience, guiding our users throughout the process, since every detail is part of the high quality of this service.