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Iris Global Corporate Blog Keys to achieving an eco-friendly home

Keys to achieving an eco-friendly home

servicio Home staging Iris Global
This marketing technique is used in the property sector and it is a very good way of speeding up the sale or rental of a property.
This technique consists of improving the appeal of a home by highlighting its main selling features so that the purchase can be carried out quicker and the property can make future owners fall in love with it.
The main idea of home staging is to transform the property into a neutral, inviting space without too many personal details, so that whoever visits it can feel comfortable and be able to project their own decorative ideas onto the space in an easier way.
Within this technique, there are two core strategies on which it is based in order to attract the highest possible number of interested parties. The first consists of improving the image of the property through photographs, which will subsequently be used on estate agency websites. The second focuses on face-to-face visits to the property.

Home Staging techniques:


  • Remove anything in each room which is not needed. Keep only the essentials so that the prospective buyer can clearly visualise how they would like to decorate each part of the property.
  • Neutral colours and lines: Try to avoid using too many garish colours on the walls or furniture so that the property is able to attract as many people as possible.
  • Good lighting: As far as possible, we should try and make the most of the natural light which enters the property; but we should also take into account that artificial lighting can be pleasant and warming in each room.
  • The importance of details: Use textiles to make your home cosier, such as new cushions, basic bedspreads - avoid leaving the mattress visible -, neutral curtains, towels, etc. Also, perfume the house with a soft air freshener and be careful with scents from both the bathroom and the kitchen if the property is still occupied.