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Iris Global Corporate Blog Innovation in death management

Innovation in death management

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It is a reality that the profile of clients, and their needs, have been changing in the funeral sector. Like the rest of the areas that offer services, innovating and offering new options is vital so that the client can feel fully supported within the service.
In fact, a company dedicated to this service must be able to offer families the possibilities that best suit their preferences and budgets. Otherwise, we will only find an outdated company, which does not provide a current offer.
What are these innovations?
Technology is a tool to consider in practically any field. It is incorporated in all sectors of work, it is the greatest impact for traditional media.
Advanced analytics tools
Advanced analytics tools could speed up customer segmentation; and it would allow the location of niche markets, the detection of customer leakage propensities, and a tighter pricing.
In addition, it would allow companies to draw a more detailed profile of the customers who need their service the most, and what features they usually need them to include.
However, incorporating a technological tool into our funeral service may not be easy. Currently, most companies tend to be prepared enough to incorporate these resources, but we are not always able to take advantage of their full potential.
So incorporating technology into our projects could also involve collaboration with an insurtech. These companies constitute an emerging and certainly revolutionary business in the assistance sector. Its methodology consists of using new technologies and its different tools to optimize the product and service that we finally offer to the client.
The increase in technological procedures would allow part of the service to be developed digitally. The company would have a digital support that would open new channels of communication with families.
This alternation between healthcare and digital service will develop a complete and direct support with the client. It would also help to create more mobile apps that allow customers to easily and effectively manage some aspects of the service themselves.
Help the conservation of the planet
Preservation of the environment is no longer a technological issue, but it is one of the most debated issues today. From different parts of the world, more and more initiatives are being announced to help conserve the planet, and put pollution aside.
Therefore, ecological funerals are an innovation that more and more companies want to obtain. This issue has also attracted different alternatives, from ecological "urns" so that the container is biodegradable, to "green cemeteries" so that burials are only made in natural places.
However, none of the possibilities still allows a 100% ecological funeral.
In any case, the different measures are increasingly being studied by funeral service companies in search of a definitive solution. In addition, despite not being totally ecofriendly, the entities that have included some measure of this type in their services have considerably reduced the environmental impact.