Iris Global highlights the stability, quality and national capillarity of its supplier network. The largest volume of orders is made by companies that have been collaborating with the company for more than 10 years. Professionalism, speed and the ability to adapt to new clients are the keys to the Iris Global repair network, which maintains very strict criteria and approval processes in order to guarantee compliance with established legal requirements, as well as quality standards.

To do this, they have designed a quality evaluation system for collaborating companies that is also regularly reviewed in order to adapt to changes in the market and current regulations.

This network, which geographically covers the entire Spanish territory and reveals a strong national capillarity, is mainly made up of companies, both large and medium-sized and family-based.

«For us, the supplier is the ambassador, since he is the one who comes into direct contact with the end customer during the provision of the service. It is, therefore, a key and strategic element and, therefore, a priority for our company, as well as for the Santalucía group, of which we are a part", explains Carla Stern, director of the Iris Global Supplier Network. "Quality, speed and capillarity are the keys to our assistance service," he adds.

Technology, a key ally The most relevant points in assistance are determined by immediacy, both in communication and information, as well as in the final execution of the work.

As part of its commitment to digitization and innovation, Iris Global has a specific portal for dealings with the network of repairers, characterized by its versatility and which allows real-time information to be incorporated from anywhere in the territory. Within the digital transformation plan that the company is carrying out, the processes are being renewed, maintaining the activity without cuts, providing collaborators with the necessary technology and training, in order to maintain a fluid experience.

Likewise, Iris Global has a computerized system for controlling contact speeds, information and execution of work that allows it to have a real photo, in addition to being able to foresee future work flows and its geolocation in the territory to anticipate to customer needs. In addition, the company, attentive to customer demand, is identifying new needs to which it is adapting with the launch of new services such as, for example, those related to renewable energies, among others, energy advisory business visits .

"We are incorporating suppliers that add value to our network, such as companies specializing in vertical work, troubleshooting with electronic tools, recycling of harmful materials and asbestos cement, polypropylene installations, replica tiles or repair of plates and electronic components of devices without refills. All of them improve the specialization of the network and the quality of the provision of our clients", comments José Jiménez Miranda, national head of Networks at Iris Global.

And he adds, “now photovoltaics, solar panels or recharging points are part of the concepts that we have integrated into our portfolio of services. For this we have reinforced our team so that we can offer decisive answers to these emerging needs».

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