Knowing that social networks represent an important channel of communication, especially for the youngest, Iris Global has launched a campaign with influencers from the "travel" world to make travelers aware, especially the youngest, of the risks inherent in travel and the benefits of having insurance to continue or receive help before, or during, the trip.

The campaign launched on July 15 under the title 'Travel stories with happy endings' has focused on the three most popular coverages: medical; theft/loss of luggage and missed flight connections.

The selected instagramers have been Cristina Rodríguez (akkicris89), a young lawyer who turned her passion into her profession and now travels the world; Georgina Salomón, Catalan journalist better known as Gigi; and Álvaro de la Lama, also socially recognized for his role as a TV presenter.

Traveling influencers have a community of followers who not only connect with their adventures -and misadventures-, but also prescribe advice and solutions. In addition, "the close format and language makes it easier to transmit the message and awareness that Iris Global seeks to share from its experience," it is indicated.

If we look at the present where the strikes are causing the greatest chaos that has been recorded in Europe to date with almost 16,000 canceled flights, it is easy to think that it is a risk that can affect many travelers this summer. This is what Gigi has told in a video that shows how, thanks to Iris Global's travel insurance, she was able, despite the cancellation of her flight, to reach her destination by being able to catch the next flight from the insurance company.

In this same context of overflow at airports, it is foreseeable that the flow of suitcases is more uncontrolled than usual and that travelers already at their destination may experience that their suitcases do not arrive, as Akkicris reports on his social networks.

There is also the issue of injuries or illnesses which, along with the particularities of Covid 19, is something common and not only in people who practice risky or adventure sports, as Lama mentions in his video, who narrates how a jerk on a bicycle it turned into an uncomfortable injury that was attended to by Iris Global's travel assistance professionals. “At Iris Global we are very attentive to current affairs and trends.

That is why we have decided to make our way into the social media community through well-known influencers who are showing, through real stories, how necessary it is to have insurance," says Luz Jiménez Orte, Director of Marketing at Iris Global.

"We hope to reach its hundreds of thousands of young followers who, being the ones who travel the most, especially in adventurous terms, are usually the ones who least believe they need insurance."

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