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Iris Global Corporate Blog Adapting your home to the heat

Adapting your home to the heat

Como adaptar la casa al verano

Adapting your home to the heat 

The time has come to adapt your home for the summer and with just a few small changes you can have your home ready for the imminent arrival of summer. From Iris Global we give you some tips to make your home more livable and cooler.
How to adapt your house for the summer
• The first thing to consider is the insulation of your home.
In winter it is very common to insulate homes against the cold, however, in summer it is not so common to take into account this insulation to protect us from the heat. In addition to windows and blinds or shutters, there are other elements that are easier to modify that you can use. For example, you can have interior blinds of opaque white or bamboo cane that really protect from the sun.
• Adapt outdoor spaces, such as terraces or gardens, to your needs.
In the non-central hours of the day, open spaces such as terraces or gardens will be of great help to keep you cool. Therefore, it is time to improve your terrace and garden and make it ready to enjoy it during the coming months. We invite you to consult our article on how to adapt your terrace for the summer.
• Use of appropriate fabrics and mosquito nets for summer
The placement of mosquito nets and curtains are a great option to cool the house on summer nights. There are mosquito nets that do not require installation and can be installed only during these months.
• Ventilating the home in the mornings and evenings
It is recommended that you ventilate in the mornings and evenings when temperatures drop and look for windows facing each other to produce air currents that can be very pleasant and relaxing at night. Of course, pay attention to the predominant direction of the winds and on which facades the sun shines to prevent the incoming air from being warmer than the outgoing air.
• Floor insulation
There are materials that, in a rehabilitation, help to improve the insulation of the floors as the dry floors that incorporate thermal insulation in their plates reducing considerably the energetic losses. Its placement is done quickly and easily without the need for drying times in its installation, as its name suggests.
• Redecorate your home for the good weather in a minimalist way.
You can redecorate your home in the most minimalist way possible by removing everything you are not going to use on a daily basis, so you will avoid having to clean more than necessary, especially if you ventilate at night.
In addition, you can remove carpets! You do not need them in summer and in case you want to protect the floor also in this season, replace the heavy winter carpets with vegetable fabrics such as cane, jute or coconut.
• Vaporizers to prevent the environment from drying out
To prevent the environment from drying out, there are numerous electrical devices designed to provide adequate humidity.
If you are thinking of carrying out a small renovation or adaptation of your home to make it cooler, such as installing air conditioning, consult with our Home professionals.