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Iris Global Corporate Blog How to whiten your smile naturally

How to whiten your smile naturally

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Nowadays, we all want to show off a beautiful and white smile. For this, many people go to dental aesthetics professionals who can do this job professionally. However, there are some home tricks that can make your smile look perfect and without damaging the enamel at a cheaper price than in dental clinics

Coconut oil and turmeric

Turmeric is an ingredient that is obtained from a root called, like the ingredient itself, Turmeric. This ingredient is widely used in Indian cooking and has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful antibacterial. You can buy this plant in a herbalist or store specialized in natural products, the important thing is that it is pure turmeric and 100% natural, that it does not have other mixed elements that could reduce its effectiveness and could not be used in this natural whitening.
For its part, coconut oil is an effective bactericide and, if we use it to brush our teeth, it will have a very powerful antiseptic effect. To put this whitening into practice, take a ball or container, mix a dessert-sized tablespoon of turmeric with a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and mix until a homogeneous paste is made. Once you have the paste, take a little and apply it on the toothbrush, then brush your teeth and grind for two minutes.
You can do this every time you brush your teeth, replacing your usual toothpaste with this mixture of oil and turmeric that you have prepared. In a couple of weeks you will see the results.

Banana peel whitening

The banana is a very cheap fruit, so this way of blanching will be cheap and easy to carry out. For this, you must take the inside of the shell, you must take a small piece of said shell, and massage your teeth for a couple of minutes by teeth and molars.
Then you have to wait between 10 and 15 minutes without eating or drinking anything. Finally, brush your teeth without toothpaste, just with water. Repeat this process once a day for 15 days and you will see the results!

Whitening with Basil

Surely you did not know that basil is one of the medicinal plants that recovers your natural color, this teeth whitening method works by leaving the plant in the sun for a few minutes, then grind it and brush your teeth with that powder regularly, in approximately three weeks you will notice the changes. 

Tips that you should not put into practice to whiten your teeth

It is very important to know that the enamel does not recover once it has been damaged, therefore, never use any acid that could damage it, such as lemon and bicarbonate, which, although they are natural bleaches, cannot be applied directly to the enamel. enamel because they would irreparably damage it.