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Iris Global Corporate Press room Eighth Insurance Customer Experience Congress: The Evolution of Customer Experience

Eighth Insurance Customer Experience Congress: The Evolution of Customer Experience

Travel 22-03-2024
Descubre cómo Iris Global mejora la experiencia del cliente en 
España con soluciones innovadoras y servicio excepcional.

On March 20th, at the Agustín de Betancourt Auditorium in Madrid, the Eighth Insurance Customer Experience Congress took place, an event organized by ICEA and sponsored by Iris Global. During this day, prominent experts and leaders from various sectors gathered to explore the challenges and opportunities in improving customer experience. From the evolution of customer-centric strategies to the integration of artificial intelligence and automation, each session provided a comprehensive insight into how companies can adapt and thrive in a constantly changing business environment.

Elvira de la Cruz, Director of Market Studies and Communication at ICEA, acted as the master of ceremonies and inaugurated the congress with an opening speech emphasizing the importance of understanding customer emotions at every stage of the Customer Journey. She emphasized: "It is important to study what the customer feels at every moment, analyze their emotions and then be able to provide products that give them two crucial emotions for insurance customers, peace of mind and satisfaction."

Highlighted Presentations:

  • Ease transforms customer experience: Jimena Tokado, Customer Strategy Manager at Mutua Madrileña.
  • A Customer Centric strategy in the automotive sector: Pablo Andrés, Customer Experience & M.E.C.A Specialist at KIA.
  • Make it easy for your customer: Vicenç Álvaro, Marketing and Strategy Director at ManpowerGroup.
  • Automation in the insurance sector: Natalia Beloso, Customer Manager at Iris Global, and Claudia del Grosso, Media Director at Iris Global.
  • Transforming the digital experience in the age of AI: Mario Pérez Monje, Digital Product Manager at Nationale Nederlanden.
  • Evolution and trends of customer experience: Juan Andrés Parada, Senior Manager Financing Service Insurance at KPMG, and Mikel Campo, Partner Financing Service Insurance at KPMG.
  • From closeness to personalization in customer experience: María Beatriz Rodríguez Fariña, Director of Benefits Area at Mutua Tinerfeña.
  • Born to be experience: María Alonso, Head of Customer Obsession & Innovation at ING, and Antonio Monje, CX & Innovation Lead at ING.

Conclusion of the Congress:


The congress concluded with a round table moderated by Macarena Martínez, Customer Experience Manager at Iris Global, where Andrés Carrillo, CEO of KUIKO; Ronald Hemmings, CMO of Durcal; and Guilherme Barreto, VP Business Development at Automaise, participated. The participants explored how startups are innovating in customer experience and how these approaches could be used in the insurance sector.

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