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Iris Global Corporate Press room Interview with Rocío García, Employee Lifecycle Manager

Interview with Rocío García, Employee Lifecycle Manager

corporate 29-11-2023
Roció García Iris Global

How did your work journey begin? What challenges do you believe you had to face in your early steps?

I've been working for 18 years in roles where human interaction was a key component, and I've always been clear that I wanted to focus my career on that closeness with people, specifically in the Human Resources area. My first experience in HR was during a Master's program in HR Management and Leadership at an outsourcing company. It was a great experience because it reaffirmed that I had made the right decision, allowing me to help and develop individuals in the workplace.
One of my biggest challenges was managing expectations, both my own and those of employees, about what a Human Resources department is and what it can contribute to the company.

What milestones have occurred for you, up to the current moment, during your professional journey and why have they held a special significance?

Undoubtedly, the most significant challenge I've faced to date was the corporate integration for the formation of Iris Global. This integration posed a significant challenge not only on a legal level but especially in terms of managing people. We've focused on the employee experience, working on a common culture and values.
Transforming the perception that HR departments are merely administrative task managers into true business partners has been another significant challenge for us.
For us, listening to employees and putting them at the center is key to continuing to grow as a company. The voice of our employees shapes our department's strategy.

When and why did your connection with Iris Global arise?

My connection with Iris Global began three years ago while I was working at another company within the Santalucia Group. My HR director, Elena Sánchez, started talking to me about a new project within the group. I've been fortunate to have been involved in the project from its inception and witness how we've developed a great value proposition both internally and externally.

From your position as Employee Lifecycle Manager, what functions do you perform in your day-to-day?

My daily routine largely revolves around managing my team and coordinating daily tasks. I oversee administration, selection, training, and development areas, so my tasks can vary depending on projects. However, there's always a consistent focus on improving our staff's experience, supported by our internal communication department. We're involved in several projects aimed at enhancing the employee experience and creating memorable experiences. As part of our employer branding strategy, we've defined our employee value proposition based on our purpose and values, along with 7 pillars of employee relations that guide all our projects and initiatives.
In 2023, we launched a new onboarding program for new hires and employees transitioning to new roles within the company. Not forgetting the offboarding phase, as it's also a crucial moment in the employee lifecycle, one that we've also redefined. Additionally, we've concentrated on our managers, recognizing their pivotal role within the organization. We've created leadership programs and workshops for them, aiming to co-create ideal moments in managing their teams and their day-to-day work."

As an HR expert, what development and professional growth opportunities do you believe the insurance industry offers to different generations wishing to be part of it?

The insurance industry provides diverse opportunities for development and professional growth to all generations seeking to be part of it. With the advancement of technology and digitization, new areas of specialization are emerging, such as data analysis, artificial intelligence, and cyber risk management.
Additionally, the insurance industry requires professionals in traditional areas like sales, policy underwriting, claims management, and actuarial roles. Skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability to change are also highly valued. In summary, the insurance industry offers a wide range of opportunities for professional growth across all generations.

Regarding the previous question, specifically at Iris Global, what are the most in-demand profiles and why?

Similar to other sectors, technological profiles are highly sought after. All organizations are aiming to digitize and leverage technology to enhance our processes, freeing ourselves from tasks that add little value, enabling us to focus on high-value aspects. Another highly demanded profile is that of a phone manager. Our organization greatly relies on providing exceptional service to our clients, requiring individuals who ensure that the calls we receive are of the highest quality and warmth.

What aspects would you highlight about the HR retention and loyalty policy at Iris Global and why?

At Iris Global, we've placed the employee at the center of all HR policies and projects. This year, we've been certified as a Top Employer and a Family-Responsible Company. We're extremely proud as these certifications recognize organizations that prioritize their employees in their strategy and have measures in place to ensure their well-being."

Woman and Insurance: Given your experience and responsibility, what is your perception about the level of notoriety and recognition that women have in the insurance market?

In the insurance market, the presence and participation of women have been increasing in recent years. Although historically dominated by men, more and more women are assuming leadership roles. At Iris Global, our senior management layer has a larger female presence than male, indicating to me that the change has already arrived.

Would you like to send a message to professional women who, from different fields of action and responsibilities, constitute a prominent part of Muy Segura's audience?


Professional development should never stop; the only limits we have are the ones we set for ourselves.

Do you wish to add any further reflections?

We should perceive every change presented to us as an opportunity for improvement, remaining open to listen and observe without judgment. ‘VERY INSPIRING’: (Optional response):

#VeryInspiringChallenge: Each interviewee who wishes will cite those women who have helped or continue to support them in their professional growth. María (my grandmother), who has shown me that effort and perseverance are key in life. ‘VERY WOMANLY’ MATTERS: (Optional response): A perfume: Be Delicious A song: My Way by Frank Sinatra An actress: Natalie Portman A hobby: spending time with my dog, Mayer

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